Work With Us


We are always looking for new coworkers. We are looking for you who are passionate about your area of knowledge and together with us want to create a wonderful corporate culture. We are a happy group who think it’s fantastic fun to work together. Acapito is characterized by transparency where the dialogue with everyone is open and honest, regardless of title or experience. We offer good benefits for you as a coworker.

Working should be fun. With us, you will be part of the team and be seen, not just be a number in the statistics. We believe that your life should only be partially played out at work. Your leisure time should be valued as highly as your working hours, a good balance between work and leisure gives a prosperous company.

Are you at the end of your career but feel that you still have a lot to contribute, get in touch!


Where we fall short, we want to collaborate with other organizations, both large and small. This means increased opportunities for both us and the organizations we work with. If you work in a business where you see benefit with us or our other partners, we hope to be able to bridge this contact. We especially welcome you who are or are considering becoming self-employed.

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