Our Philosophy

Customer Orientation

Based on our solid experience of various customer assignments, we at Acapito have chosen to organize ourselves in a way that we feel provides the best benefit for our customers. We realize that each customer is unique in their needs and conditions and that is why we cherish an open, honest, and unpretentious dialogue with our customers. We strongly believe that business that benefits both parties provides greater and more long-term business benefits.


We focus on to understand”, which for us means that we use the correct language and avoid unnecessary buzzwords. When it comes to development, we attach great importance to solutions and code are easy to manage and understand, another resource should be able to familiarize itself with a solution quickly. Understanding is such a central concept for us that our company is named after the Italian word for just this.


For us, taking responsibility goes hand in hand with quality which means that we give you a delivery that meets your expectations. This does not mean that we only look at our delivery, but also that we dare to say no when we do not think that the proposed solution is justified. Rules and guidelines in all glory, in the end it should be the needs of the business that govern IT.

Of course, not only the customer is in focus but also our coworkers: prosperous coworkers who thrive and have fun at work perform better. We choose our employees with care and work actively to promote knowledge sharing, customer focus and professional pride.


We’re sitting on a huge knowledge bank and experience. Sure, we can offer some of the most impressive CV:s, but to often a CV is judged by how many abbreviations that are listed under the areas of competence despite the fact that experience is much more important. A discussion regarding how information is shared (communication protocol and message formats) is irrelevant compared to the knowledge of what the information means and is valued.


As a small company, we have the opportunity to continuously work with our flexibility.

  • It is possible to adapt work to the puzzle of life, which means that we can work more efficiently.
  • Reduced commuting means that our employees have higher availability and productivity.
  • Coworking means that our network of contacts becomes larger as we do not have walls to the outside world.

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